Guys, I fucking love Self Edge. For real. Been down since day one. What was day one? I don't even know anymore, but I believe it was when Self Edge NY opened up and Andrew Chen invited a bunch of bloggers and media people over to check out the new shop before its official opening. I was not on that list, but this other blogger I knew was on the list and he pulled a solid and did not make me ask him if I could tag along. He just straight up was like, "Hey dawg, you wanna check out the new Self Edge shop?" We went to the store and I was all, "I WANT ALL OF THE JEANS," so I stuck around and somehow I convinced Andrew to get dim sum with me the next day. DO YOU REALIZE THE RISK CHEN WAS TAKING BY AGREEING TO GO TO DIM SUM WITH AN UNKNOWN ENTITY FROM THE INTERNET? It actually wasn't that awkward at all and now I tell people he's my friend. Anyways, Self Edge just teleported us their F/W 14 lookbook and, like always, the gear is la flame. That indigo shirt with the waffle knit like texture? WOOO, I WILL BE COPPING THAT THAT. Also, shouts to Self Edge for making dope shit for the womens too. I'm really down with the darker shade of lipstick on the model and her tattoos. I've only known one girl like that my entire life and she always intimidated me in the best way possible. Not because she had dark lipstick and tattoos, but because she was super attractive and also really good at her job and just generally a better person than I am. If you don't have any women that genuinely intimidate you professionally, intellectually and even sexually, you aren't doing life right. MAKE THE PROPER ADJUSTMENTS, FAM.