You know how sometimes your best friend can almost read your mind? Well, Robert Geller and I have finally transcended to that plane of friendship BECAUSE THESE OVERLONG PLAID SHIRTS ARE PRETTY MUCH MY DREAMS REIFIED. Robert Geller killed it with these and I'm currently trying to figure out how I am going to afford one of these shirts plus airfare and a shitty hotel in NYC because if I go to New York Fashion Week and I don't have at least one of these Robert Geller shirts I might be smiling in all of the street style photos, but really I'm crying on the inside. You don't even know what the inner turmoil of a blogging superstar is like when he doesn't get to wear one of his true and real favorite shirts of the season. I won't even be able to look Robert in the face when we meet up for our semi-annual coffee and chat. He won't say anything because he's a nice guy, but his eyes will say it all: "How are you gonna spend, like, a year talking about long shirts and then not wear my long shirt? The fuck, Jon?" And I won't know how to tell him that I just really needed to stay at a Holiday Inn Express on Delancey because I like to poop in solitude and I couldn't just couch surf in another #influencer's crib because pooping with impunity is pretty much my secret to success (ironic, I know, since we're talking about shirts that are really hard to take a shit in). Also, I don't want any of my friends knowing that instead of eating at all of the amazing places NYC has to offer, I prefer to Seamless Burger King chicken sandwiches just for the novelty of having Burger King delivered a hotel room. So, Nomad, if you guys could please not sell out in my size for a week or so while I tell my girlfriend that for the rest of August we're gonna have to tighten up our budget and only eat Hot Pockets, so I can stunt on fuccbois outside of Milk Studios, that would be great. Just, like, really fucking great. Thanks.