Wearable technology is going too far, man. It's bad enough our email provider is out here trying to get us to narc on each other with corny glasses #staywoke. Obama really gotta speak on all this shit. Now we got some nerds from Australia or something trying to sell a Bluetooth snapback. Like, why do I need my hat to control my phone? Also, voice command? And speakers? So everyone within a 10-15 feet radius can hear me bark commands into the ether like, "Directions to Del Taco. DIRECTIONS. TO. DEL. TACO."? The only thing I can think that is good about the Snaptrax is that the speakers will allow everyone else commuting with me on public transportation to enjoy the latest stylings of Young Thug. But, guys, we can't let this shit get funded. SNAPTRAX 4.0 WILL MOST DEFINITELY TAKE OVER THE WORLD IN 2025. Or just allow a bunch of turbo douches to queue up some EDM remixes of Jason Mraz songs USING THEIR BLUETOOTH VISORS. This aggression cannot and will not stand.