Dutch photographer Marieke van der Velden isn't much of a swimmer. But her latest project "Swimming Pools Worldwide" shows an infatuation with her subjects that goes deeper than a recreational swim on a hot summer day.

Since 2009, Velden has been documenting swimming pools of different shapes and sizes from all the places she has traveled to. Whether she is in Bangladesh, Colombia, or Kenya, Velden goes out of her way to find a swimming pool that speaks to her and then captures its image.

With the help of her drivers and translators in each country, Velden visited many pools around the world. Some of the swimming pools were beautiful and full of visitors while others were drained and deserted. But every single one of them fixated Velden enough to make her pull out her camera.

"Whenever I'm in the neighborhood of a pool, if always feels a bit like a holiday," Velden told The Guardian. "They have a quiet, positive atmosphere."

On her website, Velden tells the story behind each of the pools.

[via Design Taxi