WOOO, OUR BOY PHILLY LIM OUT HERE WAVY AS FUCK. You guys think in, like, 3rd grade everybody called Phillip Lim "Phil"? Even if he was always a Phillip, I bet you Phillip Lim has at least one asshole relative or acquaintance that insists on calling him Phil. Anyways, this denim parka cape is insano in all the right ways. You need to wear this and simply float into work 45 minutes late. No excuses, no nothing. Just glide past all the haters and sit at your desk for exactly 7 and a half minutes before you go back outside to get a coffee and some sustenance to start the day off right. That's why I insist on only going to luxe coffee spots: It simply takes longer for them to make my coffee aka fuck getting assignments done in a timely manner. Let that Ethiopian blend breathe, motherfuckers.