I am a HUGE fan of Patagonia's classic Snap-T hoodie. The first time I discovered the ever springing well of greatness that is Pataguccinelli, I was a freshman in high school. My school had us all go on a spiritual retreat to this place in Canada right on a lake. We didn't have to wear our uniforms, so everyone wore their most fire casual gear and all the rich kids that taught me about lacrosse had these dope fleeces in wild colors. I didn't want to admit that they had influenced me, so I just made a mental note of the brand name and filed that shit to my most secure memory banks. Cut to a few months later and I'm at the local camping goods store with my moms trying to pick out some new winter gear. I kept insisting on getting a Patagonia jacket, but the sales associates kept showing us, like, hard shells and shit like that and I was like, "Nah B, the fleece ones," and this store clerk replied, "Oh, you want the Synchilla." Upon hearing "Synchilla," I have to admit that I wanted the fleece a little less. "Synchilla" sounds dumb as fuck. But I still copped because those rich kids hung out with real, actual girls on the weekend.