Amsterdam-based label Olaf Hussein recently got on our radar with its selection of timeless, high-quality jeans. And after peeping the lookbook for its 2014-2015 collection, we’re confident this denim brand is one that will endure.

Drawing inspiration from the mods of the late 1950s, this crisp, clean line incorporates classic menswear items elevated with contemporary detailing like bonded fabrics, technical materials, and taped seams. But you should note that the intended throwback vibe isn’t overpowered by the array of modern features. This isn’t some overworked jumble of utility; it’s just your favorite essentials delivered with impeccable tailoring and basic functionality.

Standout items include a reversible double-bonded denim jacket, a hidden-pocket button-up with a rounded collar, and a no-frills dropped-hem hoodie. And we can’t forget the foundation of this range: the epic selection of raw selvedge denim.

Check out images from the lookbook below, and head over to Olaf Hussein’s website to shop selected items.