How many consecutive days can we write about OAMC? This post puts us at three straight. I might fuck around and write a couple of posts over the weekend just to keep the streak alive into next week. Inconsequential shit like this is what really keeps me inspired on slow days. Like when SportsCenter makes up a story about how many consecutive games LeBron averages 22 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. That's a fucking manufactured story, ESPN. That isn't a real streak. You're just making it up so you don't have to cover any other sports aside from the NBA and NFL and MLB because your entire staff knows nothing about any other sport. But this is a very real streak because OAMC keeps turning out bangers like this paneled grey sweater. Rather than devolve back into a lame color-blocking story, this OAMC joint keeps it real gully with the paneled textures subtle enough to be different, but not push the piece into wack fun shirt territory. Smooth melange wool rides on some panels with some rougher birds eye stitch on the others. Very dignified. Pretty much the opposite of fun, really. Like, sullen, I guess.