And you can bet your ass I mean toasty like Quizno's, motherfucker. The North Face Purple Label's collection are always some form of on point. Usually, it's with like some crazy leopard or zebra print though. This time around, they toned things down in a very classy and mature (pronounced "ma-tour") way for F/W 14 with lots of blue, grey and olive. At this point, God help you if you're wearing anything other than those colors plus some grayscale thrown in for good measure. When I think of The North Face, I think of the assembly line of sorority biddies on their way to the campus bar complete with leggings and Uggs for days. You know, real college town shit. Purple Label ain't that. This is the sophisticated English professor you always thought had a thing for you, but you were too big of a pussy to actually jump on that landmine for the greater good of the class, guaranteeing everyone A's. I got through college without reading a single book from start to finish and still ended up with B's. If you would have done something, maybe I wouldn't have to work at Complex, tasked day and night with crafting #content for 12-year-old boys with unfettered access to their mom's credit cards. Keep your eyes peeled for this .jp goodness to drop on Nanamica as the weather dips.

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