If there were an endless supply of black, collarless shirts out there, Four Pins would never be the same. There would just be a constant stream of them across the homepage grid with little to no differences between any of them. But we'd still keep writing about them because they're super sick, like this nonnative "Labourer shirt." I've always wanted to try out a nonnative garment, but I never have the necessary skrilla to drop $300 on a shirt, no matter how black or collarless said shirt may be. Enough about my embarrassing bank account though, this shirt has the kind of ill details that when someone points out how much they like it, you can bust into a 15 minute, college-level dissertation all about them. Then, afterward, you can try to convince people you're actually not a huge fucking nerd. Your homework is to find us another black, collarless shirt to write about. Class dismissed.