We now have two more reasons to give Mr Porter all our money.

Beginning today, the online luxury boutique will introduce a couple of new brands to its inventory: U.S.-based watchmaker Shinola and Japanese-based menswear label Tomorrowland.

Though representing opposite hemispheres, each brand shares Mr Porter’s unwavering passion for high-quality products with an acute focus on timeless design. We’re talking heritage-inspired craftsmanship executed with first-rate materials.

The Shinola offering is comprised of six Detroit-built timepieces inspired by the industrial environment of the company’s birthplace: Detroit. From the tough stainless steel to the sapphire crystal lenses, these highly durable joints are the perfect accessories to pair with traditional menswear, like the fall/winter 2014 collection from Tomorrowland.

Offering up classic sophistication mixed with contemporary casual, this 36-year-old company is changing the way we view high-end shirting. The use of playful patterns and bold color palettes make this selection of threads stand out above the rest.

Check out the available items from the respective brands below. If you like what you see, head over to Mr Porter to cop your favorites.


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