We try to keep the alphetizing at efficient as possible around here. That means no extraneous pieces, even in the name of layering. On that note, Mr. Gentleman swoops in with the remedy to keep your alphets lean and mean with a half polo, half button-up shirt. Just like the hybrid revolution in the auto industry, I feel like the hybrid alphet game will continue to progress until it's so efficient that every item of clothing is a hybrid. Eventually, shirts will also be...pants. Wait, those are called jump suits. OK, maybe the industry isn't gonna completely hybrid. But the most dopest part about this shirt is that because you've seen similar half shirts before at, like, H&M and shit, you'd probably think the bottom half wouldn't actually have buttons on it. And you're oh so wrong, chief. Mr. Gentleman goes all the way in on this shit. The bottom of this shirt is for all the half-cholos out there afraid to commit to the full cholo stance. We've even got your back too.