If you've ever coached a sport (doubtful, I know), you have to own a coach's jacket. They usually involve a light nylon design with a snap closure front, long sleeves and a drawstring cinches at the waist. I've never officially been a coach of anything because I don't possess the know-how or strategic mindset. But I might cop MKI's collarless "Coach Jacket" based solely on my unofficial stint as head coach of my college dorm's all girls intramural floor hockey team my freshman year (but also because, like, these jackets are super affordable heat). We won a total of one game, which we forced into overtime on a last minute equalizer in the third period. I yelled. The refs threw major shade at us for "overreacting." But if you saw this shit, it was like the Miracle on Ice from the 1980 Winter Olympics when the USA beat the Russians, except infinitely way tighter and more monumental for the history of this country. Games were played on an old college basketball court using shitty plastic hockey sticks. The fact that anyone scored in that game at all, let alone a last minute tying goal, is a testament to how wild IM girls floor hockey can get. We lost the first game in the playoffs the following week to the number one seed made up of a bunch of law school students. But no one cares about that. I was the coach. We won a game. Six years later, I deserve a jacket. End of story.