Damn, I fucking love Marni. But, fuck, I own zero Marni. Why you gotta be so expensive, Marni? I know this looks kinda like a regular cashmere sweater, but then you notice that tiny red detail on the collar. It's so fucking crucial to have small details like that on a sweater that will run you 563 Euros. I don't know what the current conversion rate is, but I do know that's a lot of dead presidents. I hate how every once in a while someone will be like, "If you just cut out cigarettes or Starbucks, you'll save, like, a hundred dollars a month and before you know it you'll have yourself a ca$hmere Marni sweater." FUCK YOU, GUYS. THE POINT OF BUYING JAWNZ ISN'T TO SACRIFICE FOR THEM. NEWPORTS AND EXPENSIVE LATTES ARE PART OF THE OVERALL ALPHET. It's like they don't even understand that I'm selling a lifestyle here.