Everyone is sick of the super weak fashion satire and parody. You know, the "Celine Dion," "Homies Paris," "Comme des Fuck Down" fuckery that all the SoHo biddies wear as they stroll into Saint Laurent expecting the staff to take a look at their shit and crack something you wouldn't even scientifically categorize as a smile. But MALA—who busted out with the Anna Win tour and fashion pronunciation T-shirts all the way back in 2012—makes pretty funny fashion tees for those of you with a sense of humor that isn't total butt. The peeps over there are clever enough to use the branch with that low-hanging fruit as a springboard up to the higher ones. You know, where the real comedy is. Their latest batch features plays on Kanye West's Zane Lowe interview, an amazing soundbite from the legend Frank Costanza and movie posters for Casino and GoodFellas, amongst other chortle-worthy hits. Don't be the guy shopping through the Urban Outfitters sale section for this high-level social commentary.