I think this is the first Kris Van Assche garment I've written about here on the Pins. [Editor's note: Jon did write about a KVA backpack once, but I don't think that technically counts as a garment.] Obviously, I'm all the way down with the bomber style collar and ribbed cuffs on what is otherwise just a white shirt. But what makes this particular shirt with ribbed cuffs cooler than the average shirt with ribbed cuffs—assuming others even exist, which I'm fairly sure they do—is the fact that there are regular shirt cuffs over the ribbed cuffs. CLASSY TOUCH, KRIS. I KINDA LOVE YOU FOR THAT ONE. If Kris was a buddy of mine, he'd most definitely get a congratulatory text from me for that maneuver. Although, then I'd give him shit that the idea probably came from an uncredited design assistant. But that's probably why I don't have that many friends. BUT WHO NEEDS FRIENDS WHEN YOU GOT EN FUEGO SHIRTS LIKE THIS ONE ON DECK, AMIRITE?!