So, an OG Illuminati member hit me up on Twitter yesterday and was like, "Why don't you write about the Kapital lookbook?" Normally, I ignore any and all requests on Twitter because that is a slippery slope I'm not tryna go down ever, but, yo, i'll be damned if the Kapital F/W 14 lookbook isn't fucking dope, guys. Like, they traveled all the way to Mongolia to shoot this shit. Ever since college, I've had this really strong desire to live a decidedly bucolic lifestyle. I'm not kidding. Straight up, I have elaborate plans for a compost greenhouse and a duck pond and all I need for it to happen is a metric fuckton of cash and some strong farming garments. Oh, and a really beautiful wife with beautiful hair and some tapestries and maybe a yurt and most definitely a fucking falcon. I would say a camel, but I don't live in their natural environment, so instead I'd probably go for a burro or a donkey or something. But most definitely a fucking falcon. I mean, even if I never met my beautiful wife with beautiful hair, I'd probably still be totally okay if I had a fucking falcon. Oh man, that would be so tight.