A month ago, Kim Kardashian unleashed upon the world another cash cow in the form of her game, "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood." While her fans who are playing spend their rent to reach A-list status, there's also the ability to dress like an IRL Kardashian. Some of the outfits available to purchase for the female characters are identical replications of looks that Kim has worn in the past.

So who are the male characters sartorial options based off of? None other than Kim's own style icon, her hubby Kanye West. Yep, the male characters can also stunt to extreme levels by rocking items you can buy in an actual store along with some of Kanye's iconic looks of late, including his cropped Met Ball tuxedo and the camel trench coat that he rocked all through Europe last fall.

We've culled together 12 Kanye West-Approved Alphets You Can Buy In "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" that are nearly identical to what he's rocked in the past so that you can be the most stylish dude in the game, by which we mean video game.