“We definitely like open storage solutions. Our apartment didn’t come with any closets so everything’s out in the open but it’s forced us to become a lot neater, so our wardrobe becomes a part of the space, and it’s been treated as such. You should see the shirt selection with the patterns and the colors it works within the environment and it all speaks to umm, yeah and collectively speaks of our personality. Installing some simple storing shelves requires you to keep things more orderly, but you should be doing that anyway, right? You can’t just like toss everything into the closet and hide it. It also allows you to really embrace some of those investment pieces that you purchase, you know sort of keep them on display and show them off. A book shelf could be a good solution for sneakers. You could install it a few inches lower to the ground or just use the last two rows for your sneakers. Something that’s a prized possession for you certainly deserves a place on a shelf. Make it a part of the space, embrace it as part of the room.”