G九 上海 or G9 Shanghai is a restaurant that “exists beyond its primary purpose of great food and wine" by incorporating art exhibitions. The collaborative efforts of SUPER NATURE studio, Atelier INDJ, and artist INSA includes a stunning light installation that expounds on INSA’s examination of the iconography of modern aspirations.

Light scintillates throughout the space in the form of curvaceous lines that reveal modern society’s standard symbols of femininity—“high heels and curves.” Comprised of 14,967 LED lights and a kinetic camera, INSA’s Graffiti Fetish installation is also an interactive one where guests have to power to control several aspects of the light wall.

This collaboration is also a milestone in INSA's use of the GIF medium. He has meticulously transformed the still image into a visual that more accurately reflects the true nature of the installationINSA's vast assortment of insightful curvilinear lines, merged with Atelier INDJ's opulent interior, integrates textures like raw steel and concrete against black marble. It's the collision of "Technology Industry Luxury and Excess."