Oh snap, this Ganryu shirt has got an anorak-style kangaroo pocket. Granted, the rest of the shirt is fucking insano, but c'mon, this is Ganryu we're talking about. These dudes pretty much stay Hadokening style and fashion conventions and that's why we like it. I BET YOU CATHY HORYN COULDN'T USE "HADOKEN" IN A SENTENCE LIKE THAT. And by "couldn’t," I really mean "wouldn't." But that's just a generational thing. I doubt Cathy Horyn spent a whole summer exchanging bottles for quarters to play Street Fighter II at the 7-Eleven by her house. But if she did? CATHY, YOU AND I SHOULD HIT UP SOME SHOWS TOGETHER AND TALK ABOUT OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS TO PLAY AS. I HOPE YOU DIDN'T ALWAYS PICK KEN OVER RYU 'CAUSE IF YOU DID YOU MIGHT BE A RACIST.