Los Angeles-based label Fear of God just released a video lookbook for the brand's third collection, presumably F/W 14, which has been teased for the past couple of weeks on designer and Kanye West confidant Jerry Lorenzo's Instagram. By the look of things, the collection appears to revolve around a few key pieces: an oversized overcoat with oversized lapels (in both long and short-sleeve styles), long plaid flannels, a curved hem breton stripe shirt (co-opting some SLP vibes it seems) and some re-upped signature bomber jackets. The video's jaunty grunge vibe, set to Pearl Jam's "Release," echoes the sort of teen-who-steals-mom's-cigarettes-streetwear-meets-high-fashion aesthetic Fear of God has built on since the jump. But, more importantly than anything, if I buy these items, do me and my friends get a free 1976 pickup to ride around in with no seatbelts and cause mild disturbances in our wake? Like, we wouldn't do anything too illegal. But we'd definitely, like, steal a street sign that reads "High St." because LOL DUH THAT'S LIKE SUPER CLEVER. Ya know, shit like like that. Also, an observation: Sitting in the bed of a pickup truck has apparently become a rather a streetwise fashion punk maneuver and I'm okay with that. Anyway, the collection is due for pre-order in September.

Update: See Fear of God's entire Third Collection and read an interview with designer Jerry Lorenzo on GQ.

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