We'll tout old man swag 'til the end of the earth. From paternal wash jeans to slouchy cardigans, it's never been cooler to be in your mid-40s than right fucking now. Right now this very second, the genre is more accessible than ever as designers have recognized and executed all the trends the skreets are on board with, so it should come as no surprise that Daiki and Engineered Garments have basically made your grandpa's sweater from the 1940s—back when he chilled in his den, probably with a pipe and a lot of first edition books—in this belted shawl collar knit jacket. Not quite a sweater, not quite a jacket, it's perfect for the dad within all of us who has no real idea what he's talking about when it comes to clothes. Plus, it has elbow patches and leather buttons. Anytime I find a relative's old sweater, it has those big ol' buttons covered in leather and they're all faded and crackly, much like the skin of said relative. When some girl at the next boxed wine party you're at asks you about this shit, you can just lie to impress her and say that you found it in your parents' attic a few weeks ago and she'll be none the wiser. And that right there is the foundation of any good relationship: a good dose of lies before you have shit locked down and can finally revert to being your actual, terrible self.