We’ve seen a lot of dope changes coming out of Dover Street Market in recent months. Following the revamp of its NYC store, the DSM is now stepping up its social media game with the launch of its first official Instagram account.

Coinciding with DSM’s 10th anniversary, the announcement is a milestone for parent company Comme des Garçons, as it has traditionally abstained from social media sites. But as the store grows, company execs thought it was a step in the right direction for the boutique, taking a completely different course than its parent corporation.

“Dover Street is a different animal. It comes from the same mother, the same birth, but it’s a different thing—maybe getting more different,” said Adrian Joffe, president of Comme des Garçons International.

With CdG continuing to hold out on social media, it’s clear the strategy is to differentiate each brand, targeting different demographics with distinct strategies. But will this move eventually lead to a complete split?

“As [Dover Street Market] grows, who knows where the future takes us? Maybe suddenly it will get so big and different, it’ll become actually separated,” Joffe said. “We want to use Instagram as a magazine, rather than a constant daily diary of what products are in the stores [...] We want to communicate with a big wide audience, an audience we’ve never reached before, a global audience.”

Managed by Laura Bradley, editor of AnOther Magazine’s website, DSM’s Instagram will officially launch tomorrow. But as of today, the account (@doverstreetmarketlondon) has already gained more than 600 followers.

The profile is pretty bare, but we can’t wait to see what’s next.

[via BoF]

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