For Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply's newest campaign, Project Warehouse, the brand will bring fashion, art, and music together. 

D&S has asked artists Alexa Meade and Arran Gregory to create work for the new project. Meade is known for her technique of painting directly on live models in a way that makes them look like 2D portraits. She is bringing this aesthetic to Project Warehouse. For his part, Gregory will create geometric pieces using denim as a canvas for the project.

In addition to the art aspect of Project Warehouse, Avicii, a frequent collaborator with D&S, will ask his legion of followers to participate in the campaign this month through the use of the hashtag #ProjectWarehouse, which fans can use to submit their own artwork. People who participate will also have a chance to be a part of the teaser video for Avicii’s sophomore album. Look out for Avicii to drop that invite early this month.