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Summer is the season for group art exhibitions, but there's one in particular you should know about. "Cruel Summer," curated by Roger Gastman and taking place at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, brings together street artists like Revok and Maya Hayuk with artists who didn't start on the street, like Cleon Peterson​ and Niagara. The exhibition's name and concept draw inspiration from the summer of 1984. In the words of Gastman,

The space shuttle Discovery took off on its maiden voyage, Apple released the Macintosh personal computer, the Olympics rallied the world together, and Karate Kid was the hit film featuring the song "Cruel Summer" by Bananarama. The song and its video of three gorgeous young women roaming the streets of New York City inspired this show.

We brought Roger and Jonathan together to discuss the exhibition and the artists in it while having a pizza-eating competition. Check out "Cruel Summer" at Jonathan LeVine Gallery through August 23, 2014 at 557C West 23rd Street & 529 West 20th Street.