We know that COS is H&M's slightly more expensive, slightly better quality, slightly more fashionable cousin. We are aware of this. And these new F/W joints got the gloomy feels vibing at full force. COS always aims for a minimal approach and this campaign shows off the fast fashion flexing with solid colors and simple outerwear. Sure, we love us some knick-knacks, extra pockets and superfluous zippers as much as the next dude, but sometimes basic is better. God, what are we? A 2009 #menswear blog telling you that you should wear a white tee, canvas sneakers and jeans in the summer? Fuck, maybe we are the basic ones. We can't shell out $500 for every dope bomber we find online, so we have to cover our asses with a super cheap version, you know, just to tide us over for a bit until that next paycheck clears. When this shit falls apart in three months we should have enough saved up to get that Long Journey joint. I'm trying my best to get over it, but 48 hours later, I can't shake the need. That may be an indication of personal problems.