Being an adult is not always as great as non-adults think it will be. Of course there are the bills and responsibilities that your parents warned you about, but life in general can suck in ways that you couldn't predict. Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen found that children's coloring books, despite their awesomeness, lacked some pretty important themes and lessons about the future. Thus, Coloring for Grown-Ups was born.

Described as an "adult activity book," Coloring for Grown-Ups makes light of some pretty intense events and themes that a lot of people have to deal with in their lives. From drug abuse and homelessness to sexual ineptitude and death, the book helps you face your problems in the best way possible: alone and with a 64-count box of Crayola crayons (with the built-in sharpener).

In an article for the Huffington Post, Hunter and Jensen explained that Coloring for Grown-Ups is "the type of coloring book you might leave on a coffee table for a hungover house guest to flip through after waking up from a night of questionable decision-making." They added, "In a world that is too often black and white, or red and blue, sometimes you just need to add a few extra colors to your palette."

The success of the first book resulted in the creation of two others: Coloring for Grown-Ups Holiday Fun Book, and Coloring for Grown-Ups College Companion. Hunter and Jensen also recently launched the Coloring for Grown-Ups iOS App so that you can have fun on the way to your soul-crushing adult job. For more info on where you can get a hard copy or the mobile app, check out their official Tumblr here.

[via Sad and Useless]