Mere months ago, Kim Kardashian hinted at the release of a game featuring herself. The beast has since been unleashed, and according to ForbesKim Kardashian: Hollywood is slated to generate $200 million in revenue by the year's end. Gameplay-wise, there's a bunch of standing around and tapping feverishly in order to collect hearts, stars, and stacks of money, but where the game shines is its character customization—or is that "kharacter kustomization?"

​Your dates and in-game kompatriots will kompliment or scold you depending on how you're dressed. Having a particularly fire alphet could even garner your kharacter a fashionable shout-out in the fictitious media sphere that you are trying to dominate as you make the perilous climb from E-list strug lord to A-list swag-lebrity.

The road to the top, however, is paved with many, many, outfits. There are many uncanny similarities between the virtual wares you can throw on your avatar and fashionable products many style-conscious menswear nerds wouldn't mind owning in real life. Here are 14 clothing items from Kim Kardashian: Hollywood that have been kulled from the fashion world.