Earlier this summer, the Cleveland Cavaliers stocked its store with brand new Lebron James merchandise. Now, the revitalized franchise has new T-shirts to promote two more players that will be joining the king on the court next season. Hours after solidifying a trade that swapped Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett, the Cavs are already selling "Big Three" T-shirts featuring Love, Kyrie Irving, and James. 

There are two shirts for Cavs fans and Lebron loyalists to cop. One of the tees comes in all black with a picture of the new Big Three grinning as if they already won the NBA Championship. The other comes in the Cavs colorways, and boasts each player's last name over the team's logo. According to CBS Sports, the shirts should be available via the Cavs' section of the NBA's online store soon. 

[via CBS Sports]