Guys, I'm still on my quest for an Editor Coat™. My goal for 2015 is to become an editor. Even if I have to start a struggle blog again just to call myself an editor I'm finna do it. Of course, I'd prefer that someone else lets me hold an editorial position. But, then again, do I actually want to be a real editor? I mean, they have to deal with degenerate piece of garbage freelancers such as myself. Like, seriously, I know I joke about it a lot, but my editors have to email me multiple times a day just to get me to write about sometime as simple as clothing. AND I FUCKING LOVE CLOTHES. But, then again again, you get a cool coat like this when you become an editor and that might be worth the price of admission alone. This particular coat from Barena is simple enough, expensive enough and breaks just at the right length for you to be taken deadly seriously when you discuss things like the "direction of the magazine" and "tweaking our voice just a bit for the next issue."