Bedrooms are sacred spaces. At their most basic, they are where we sleep. But more often, they are the private, closed off places where we store the messy parts of our lives. 

Tracey Emin is one artist who knows this well. In 1998, she created an installation called My Bed, a realistic representation of her bed during a few days of depression following relationship woes. When released, Emin's work was seen as controversial, dirty, and scandalous. We can't help but wonder, however, if the naysayers were just embarrassed that somebody else had the guts to air the dirty laundry we all own.

My Bed was recently sold at Christie's in London for $3.77 million and will be making a move to the Tate. In honor of Emin's honest portrayal of heartbreak and the contents of our private spaces, we present 15 Art Pieces That Expose Our Complicated Lives in the Bedroom.