If you're still holding onto your Abercrombie T-shirts because they remind you of your high school glory days and getting half a handjob in your mom's minivan, don't get rid of them just yet. Your suburban teenage uniform from the early 2000s is about to get a lot more rare.

According to Abercrombie Chief Executive Officer Mike Jeffries, the brand is abandoning its logos (Abercrombie's moose and Hollister's seagull) on American clothing next year. “In the spring season, we’re looking to take the North American logo business to practically nothing, but protect logo in international stores,” he said. 

Abercrombie bigwigs have realized that America no longer wants to wear clothing emblazoned with their name and logos, so they've decided to phase out Abercrombie's current visual identity in the U.S. The Eurotrash community need not fear, however. International logos will remain the same.

We have to hand it to Abercrombie for possessing the self-awareness to know how the brand is received and to actually do something about it. While the company once used language like “East Coast traditions and Ivy League heritage” and described its look as “sexy,” “idolized,” and “privileged,” Abercrombie is now trying to appeal to a different consumer profile with phrases like “confident and engaging” and “totally accessible.”

In addition, Abercrombie is altering its store design to mimic competitors like H&M and Forever 21 because executives finally realized that no one wants to shop in a South Beach nightclub filled with preteens. Hopefully the changes will lift the company out of an economic rut that's led them to close 60 stores this year.

[via BuzzFeed]