I'm all the way the fuck down with this shirt from A Kind of Guise despite not being totally the fuck down with having to type that long ass brand name out every single time I give these cats free promo. Whatever, I really like the texture on this. I would wear this with a gray shawl wrapped around my waist like championship belt and some wheat Timbs. That right there is a strong hypothetical alphet. Do you guys spend any of your precious free time on this earth daydreaming up hypothetical alphets? I have a bunch for sure, but I learned a long time ago that my hypothetical self-image is not very close to my actual self. Thus, my hypothetical alphets are always scorched earth policy fire flames, consisting of layers and baggy fatigue pants that in actuality would look terrible on me. However, I think the hypothetical alphet I described using this shirt would be good for me and for you. Let me know your feels in the comments.