These "Sofra" hats from A Kind of Guise are 100% wool and feature quilted linings and suede detailing. These are nice hats, fancy even, except for the fact that they have velcro backs (velcobacks?). That isn't a deal breaker though because once you adjust it, you'll never have to hear the sound of velcro again. I just realized I don't know what the onomatopoeia for velcro being pulled apart is, but I do know that it makes whatever garment it is attached to sound 4 million times less cool and expensive. I'd still cop because they are mélange and mélange is so fucking dope. I imagine cool salarymen wear these hats with trench coats and expertly welted shoes. Like, they still work in a corporate field, but they get coffee at the place that uses the ceramic blade hand grinders and they have an emergency stash of Bustelo in their desk because they know what's up. They read Apartamento and eat salads they paid for by the pound outside on their lunch break, which is less of a break and more of a vacation. They date girls who wear those really tight dresses and when their friends ask on Instagram who makes it, they always reply "Zara! I know, right?"