Growing up fucking sucks, man. You have to make money in order to survive. People have expectations for your success. You might even have a supervisor who isn't your mom that wants you to be at the same place five days a week at 8 a.m. There are so many things you have to adapt to as an adult because of society's predetermined, unspoken rules. And unfortunately, a lot of those unspoken rules have to do with one's attire. 

As an adult, you may be forced into a personal style that is neither personal nor stylish. The world around you will force you to wear things that, in your younger years, you may have set on fire. Losing that youthful glint in your eye is one thing, but being forced to completely abandon your sense of style is another loss that's so universally soul-crushing, we're here to tell you to take advantage of the sartorial boundlessness of youth.

Before you get to true adulthood, there are so many fucking ill things one should do because they may not fit the social norm as you age. By their very nature of being risks, not all these things will stick around with you, but now is the time to try. Chuck up the deuce or middle fingers, or a praying hands emoji, or whatever you young whipper-snappers do these days and make sure to check out these 25 Style Risks You Should Take Before You Turn 25

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