Here is today's "what the fuck" news: Hair salons are seeing a 200 percent increase in male hair extensions. What's more baffling, the spike in numbers is reportedly due to a growing desire to emulate the hair of Harry Styles, David Beckham, and model Oliver Cheshire. 

Paul Edmonds, a hair salon in London, has received a spike in male customers who want micro bond extensions, which make hair look thicker. Additionally, Great Lengths, a hair extensions company, notes that around 10 percent of its £4 million (roughly $6.6 million) hair extension sales are to men.  

Men in the UK are apparently desperate to add the type of hair thickness and length that graces the heads of famous celebrities, according to the Daily Mail. A third salon, Jo Hansford, added that it has yet to be hit by a wave of men searching for hair extensions, but they "have seen an increase in male clients enquiring about hair thickening treatments and shampoos." The thirst for a thick, flowing mane is really real out here.

The rise in hair extensions may be a response to the often painful alternatives of getting hair plugs or hair transplants that take months to yield any results. The global market of procedures like these is valued at $2 billion worldwide, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times. Men account for roughly 89 percent of these surgeries, but rising sales in hair extensions signal that men may be through with the risky operations and are opting for a less painful route.

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