Over the past week or so a couple of sites have revisited the balls to the wall, legendary 1986 Apple clothing line. And yes, this shit was as ridiculous back then as it is right now. No matter how much we'd like to think that the full Apple alphet would be met with resounding applause at your 2k14 Williamsburg whiskey bar, just, like, no way. It wouldn't happen. I have no doubt in my mind people would mutter "fuccboi" under their breath at you sauntered up to a tattoo covered wench and ordered a $15 whiskey ginger.

As much coverage as "Normcore" has received, I still don't actually believe it's a real thing. I mean, this shit has got to be a manufactured microtrend at best. People dress like that in the Midwest un-ironically. But if it were a thing, Apple's 1986 collection trademarked and patented that shit with the quickness almost THIRTY YEARS AGO.

Everyone loves to shit on past fashion trends because it's fun, easy and literally everyone was most likely involved at some point. You ever look back at your middle school yearbook photos? Exactly. You were a swagged out lord of the hallway with unlimited bathroom passes. So, when modeled hard to the fullest, the Apple collection looks absurd, but some of these pieces might actually be kinda fire on their own. Layering the white Apple tee under a denim shirt? How about the white/blue/green anorak? Or the coke hoodie with the computer outline on it? That shit's basically Pigalle. Oh man, doesn't it sound good now all kitschy and retro. You're so clever. But, like everything else, in 10 years you might want to take a look back at all those selfies you snapped and remember it's possible for even you to make horrible decisions. Like, a lot of them.