These New Balances 996s cost 279 dollars. Which is kind of a lot for a pair of New Balances. BUT DAT COLORWAY THO. If you think about it long enough, almost everything is kind of expensive for what it really is. But then again, this is a pair of pigskin sneakers with red brick soles. And a whole lot of contrast felt trim. But I would still purchase these sneakers if I was inside a Haven location. If I’m shopping IRL, I have zero impulse control. Online shopping though, my self-restraint is so strong. I’m too lazy to punch my billing information on my own, I'd rather just swipe the fucking card. Square needs to update so I can just swipe my card to buy shit online. If that happened, I would own, like, fourteen types of incense holders, a really expensive Japanese rice cooker, and these New Balance sneakers.