Shorts are tricky. I don't really want to recommend them at all, but these Isaora "micro-quilted shorts" remind me of better days—days when I didn't wheeze when I ran or have inverted calf muscles that force me to wear jeans throughout even the swampassiest of summer months. Seriously, don't forget legs day, bro. Also, it's probably hot as hell where you are and since Moy recommended some goddamn tank tops a few days ago, I guess anything is in play.

Isaora's technical approach to a simple short came up roses with these Italian-made britches for the man unafraid of letting the gams out this season. They're slightly oversized, but don't make those sticks you call legs look like they're hoisting up a sail. But if you still feel a bit self-conscious, throw some tights (we know you own some) on underneath and act like your lifestyle isn't completely sedentary. I think it's high time the world witnessed your fitness, friends.