Yesterday, the Museum of Modern Art in New York announced that Uniqlo's new uniforms for the museum's security staff had arrived. Following Uniqlo x MoMA's SPRZ NY collection of T-shirts last March, in addition to Uniqlo Free Fridays at the museum, this is a welcomed collaboration that improves the comfort of the insitution's valued security staff. 

We went to MoMA this morning to get some close-up shots, and we learned that they're lighter and have more convenient pockets than the previous uniforms. Do the staff like these uniforms better than the previous ones? All agree that it's too soon to tell but that they'll know better in a few days.

It's summer, so the uniforms are optimized with Uniqlo’s AIRism underneath (Heattech innerwear for the winter). In addition, they were created with MoMA's design sensibility in mind, emphasizing clean lines and crisp silhouettes. 

"For a museum Security Officer, the ability to function in both warm and cold temperatures, while standing for long periods of time, is essential for their well-being," reads the press release. "This is why Uniqlo chose fabrics for the jacket and pants that are stretchable and breathable with an innovative approach to stitching for maximum comfort. The shirts are made using quick-drying, iron-free fabric, and careful attention was paid to determine the number of pockets needed and their location."

While this is certainly their most exciting collaboration yet, we're excited to see what else Uniqlo and MoMA have up their sleeves (get it?!).

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[via WWD]