Russian designer Tigran Avetisyan has created an underwear set that appeals to our low-humming narcism.

Made exclusively for the fashion website SHOWstudio, the two-item release is specifically intended for the prominent art of mirror selfies—proving that our obsession with attention and social media doesn’t retreat even when in a pair of comfy pajamas.

The set is comprised of a one-size T-shirt and shorts, with a mirrored slogan that reads: “US AND THEM.” The hand-painted detailing also elevates the unique quality of the set, which runs for about $428.

It’s not cheap, but can we really put a price tag on ego inflation and good-looking underwear? You’re damn right we can’t. So if you’re in the mood to up your selfie game, head over to SHOWstudio’s online store and pick up your set today.