Two men, pictured above, are still at large after swiping nearly $1,400 worth of underwear from a Victoria's Secret store in the Coastland Center Mall in Naples, Fla. Florida really can't seem to catch a break, ever.

On July 13, one man, dressed in a white shirt, distracted store employees, while his partner, dressed in black and white, stashed 144 pairs of underwear into a Hot Topic booster bag. That is a lot of underwear. (Sidebar: be suspicious of anyone carrying a Hot Topic bag.) He ran out of the store shortly after with his partner once one of the store employees realized the most insane panty raid of all time was going down.

According to local police, this robbery is believed to be connected to a heist that occurred later that afternoon. The two men were seen swiping three pairs of Gucci sunglasses and two pairs of Prada sunglasses from the same mall's Sunglass Hut. Even though that does'nt even approach the levels of their underwear heist, it seems like they decided to go big or go home.

The men are still at large and the police are still looking to identify the suspects.

[via Naples Daily News]