Outlier's "Three Hooded Experiments" yielded some exciting results. That's exactly how I imagine starting sentences if I wrote for an academic journal. Personally, I'd prefer to write for a scientific journal that publishes agricultural science experiments, but that's only because I'm all about these homegrown veggies. Anyways, Outlier is one of my favorite companies. That's not an exaggeration. It's hilarious because considering my physical health and predilection to remaining prone for several hours at a time, Outlier, with its performance-minded fabrics and flexible cuts, is exactly the opposite of what I should be wearing. I could literally drape myself in blankets and wear Adidas slides and my day-to-day wouldn't really be adversely affected at all. But I still really want one of these hooded...things? Any of them would be dope and serve perfectly on their own and/or as layering piece. Yes, these are draped out hoodies with fucking cowls and I fucks with cowls heavily. I also fuck with merino heavily because that shit is so soft and so much more comfortable than nylon or polyester fleece. Someone make me some merino technical running tights. I want one of this to pair with some baggy shorts and tech ninja tights and some expensive ass sneakers to cop my daily Cubano. It'll look like I'm in the new Assasin's Creed, but really I'm just all about that really sweet coffee life.