D.TT.K: You ever heard of that shit? Probably not because you're weak and one-dimensional. I saw this DTTK Mountain Shell Jacket on Tumblr at least two months ago and damn, dawgies, I was hella thirsty for it. Visually, it's straight-up stunning (can I say that?). It kinda reminds me of a couple of Givenchy S/S 15 runway pieces I peeped recently. The sleeves are detachable, making for a wildly versatile piece of garb you can flex in all year round.

Back when I saw it on Tumblr, it was being modelled by the boo Kiko Mizuhara, which pretty much increases any product thirst tenfold (see: Reebok). Despite my subsequent quest for quench, though, I couldn't find a stockist anywhere. Max level first world problems. Fortunately for me, one of dem boyz hooked me up with a link to their main store fresh after it dropped and this shit is now on ORDER. Unfortunately for you, you can’t buy from their webstore unless you have an address in Japan to ship to. Sucks to be you I guess lol.

If you’re lucky enough to get your veiny, cold hands on one, consider coupling up with those Adidas x Opening Ceremony gazelles and some ripped black jeans. I imagine you'll look pretty fuckin' handsome.

Moksha August is a serial Four Pins commenter turned writer. I guess you could say that he started from the bottom. Haha, that's the spot. You can follow him on Twitter here.