Archival Clothing makes a bunch of stuff that I'm very into, like big ass totes, waxed canvas and sweats. And, would ya look at that, their latest lookbook features all of these things, plus my alma mater. So shouts to Archival Clothing for shooting at the institution where I learned girls who smoke Marlboro Reds will take your virginity and spent four years developing the shining talent and personality you all bear witness to here on a daily basis. I'm very into the roll top messenger bag and the shoulder totes. I definitely would cop those if I was a freshman again. A bag should be one of your first consumer related purchases at college. During my first year, a bunch of us hit downtown and on a wild struggle flex I copped a backpack at the North Face store right above The Cheesecake Factory. I used the credit card my parents gave me for emergencies and that's the exact moment when I realized college was fucking awesome.