After somehow acquiring unretouched photos of Lena Dunham taken for Vogue, Jezebel has now somehow gotten their hands on Terry Richardson's unretouched photos of Mariah Carey, taken for the summer issue of Wonderland.

We previously posted the released images of Mariah in black lingerie, posing like the diva she is with her children at Richardson's studio. Today, Jezebel posted GIFs of what they claim to be the before and after images, marked up with notes on what was done to every part of the singer's body.


Of the images, they comment that "what's supposed to be so remarkable about Richardson's signature style is how his otherwise amateur methods, when used to shoot high-profile celebs, create uniquely candid portraits that appear to be at once documentary and aspirational. His bare bones sets and harsh flashes suggest a spontaneity that is meant to imply the authenticity of that particular moment. But this doesn't seem very authentic at all."

Photoshopping images is nothing new, especially when it comes to fashion publications, but these photos of Mariah are more than we expected. Richardson probably didn't share them, but who did?

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[via Jezebel]