There are a lot of artists who use subway ads as their canvases, but no one does it quite like POSTER BOY. A brief look at the POSTERBOYNYC Flickr account is more than enough to convince non-believers of the power of the movement, and the street artist's recent billboard hack near New York's High Line Park is the icing on the cake.

You may recognize POSTER BOY's name from our 50 Biggest Street Art Arrests list, but lucky for the entire street art world, that wasn't the end of his reign. His portfolio includes hilarious perversions of beer ads, controversial World Trade Center site hacks, and an amazing tribute to Eric Garner, the man who died after being placed in a chokehold by the NYPD (below).

For his billboard project earlier this month, POSTER BOY dressed like a legit city worker (vest and everything) and climbed onto the platform of a highly visible ad adjacent to the High Line and above a Park Fast parking lot. Before the artist worked his magic, the ad featured a quote that most New Yorkers with vehicles can relate to: "WTF is alternate side of the street parking anyway?" Armed with paint, his disguise, and the limited cover of night, POSTER BOY buffed some of the letters to change the quote to one more fitting for his world: "WTF is street art anyway?" Check out stills from the hack video below (which is of course set to Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow").

[via WebUrbanist]