Stephan Schneider is that dude. For S/S 15, SS took his inspiration from perfumery. Listen, I never thought I'd be into fragrances and cologne and stuff either until one time I used some fancy body wash and a pretty girl told me I smelled good. She had jet black hair and wore skirts with asymmetrical hemlines. From that moment on, I've been all about some fancy undertones and citrus high notes. This collection, in typical Schneider fashion, has got some fire and some pretty weird stuff, as every collection should. The trousers without any seams or detailing are pretty dope and I'm all about variations on kimono patterns. And yo, that perfume bottle sweatshirt? If I were Stephan Schneider's friend, I'd be like, "VUUR VLAMMEN MIJN KEREL. VUUR NEUKEN VLAMMEN." I'm assuming Google Translate is accurate.