Celebrated filmmaker Spike Lee has partnered with New Era for the creation of the first installment of the New Era Heritage Series collection. The collection is centered around select hats that represent impactful moments from New Era's storied relationship with Major League Baseball. 

With that in mind, Spike served as a panelist for the Heritage Series launch event that took place at New York's Sunshine Theatre last week. The panel, which was moderated by Marcus Troy, included industry experts, such as New Era CEO Chris Koch, Professor Elena Romero, and Frank 151 founder Stephen Malbon. They discussed the intersection of fashion, culture, and how exactly the first non-team colored New York Yankee cap came about. 

We sat down with Spike and he told us the story about his red Yankee cap. Chris also weighed in, sharing that this simple request from the Brooklyn native in 1996 spurred New Era's entire fashion business (as well as Fred Durst's trademark style, but we won't mention that). 

Check out the interview above. Spike Lee's New Era Heritage Series caps will be available later this summer.